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Today i created a new logo for the phantom that will debut on the site and on all store merch. by the end of the week.
since i changed the call letters from XFXW to XPHT all merchandise in the store with the old Logo will be sold as collectibles.

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Monday, March 18, 2002  

ok, spring break is here, and i've decided to change the station Call Letters from XFXW to XPHT i've uploaded a new song from dave matthews, Neil Young's Tribute to 9/11/01 called "let's Roll", and some classic Green day.

hope everyone's happy, i know i am since i've got 2 weeks of spring break to sleep!!!!

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Sunday, March 17, 2002  

ok, i'm in the middle of watching my favorite tuesday night show, scrubs, and i wanna let you know that i have changed the look of the website, duh, you'd probably guessed that already if you are reading this from the link of the website!

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Tuesday, March 12, 2002  

a moment of silence please for those who died six months ago today in the attacks on the world trade center, the pentagon, and the plane that went down in a field.........::::moment of silence::::::::::...................................

Last night as i watched the CBS Special about the film makers that followed the FDNY, it all brough back memories of where i was september 11th, 2001....

at 7:30am i had just dropped my mom off at work on my way to school at the local Technical school i attend, i decided to kill some time by grabbng a biscuit at mcdonald's, as i pulled away from the drive-thru i turned the radio up listening to the rick and bubba morning show, just then at 7:45am the said "oh my a plane, the first building of the world trade center is on fire, looks like a plane hit be an accident of some sort.." , i rushed home turned on the tv, and that's when the second plane hit, live on tv!

from the second, my life, and the life of every american citizen that witnessed the evenst of that mroning both downtown in person or watching live on television, were changed forever.........

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Monday, March 11, 2002  

How's Everyone Doing? today sucks, the only good thing that happened today is that i have recently added a few new songs to the current playlist, checked out what some fm stations are playing so i could sit and laugh and yell "HA HA...i've been playing THAT for months!!".....Congrats to my man #20 Tony Stewart for winning the atlanta 500 Today....i feel good 'bout that...even though i fell sleep with less than 85 laps to go.....$%$%$*$.......

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Sunday, March 10, 2002  

Hello Everyone

i wanna let all know that this web journal will be used to rant and rave about all that goes on in my life
as program director of the phantom, who knows i might even share some cool info that i come across!

if anyone that reads this wants to contact me feel free to at anytime

on aol instant messenger
screen name Coldengrey2002

Yahoo instant messenger
screen name dmb_fan_in_montgomery or The_phantom_on_live365dotcom

email me at

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Saturday, March 09, 2002  
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